In a dystopian future, the remnants of mankind devolved into various warring tribes who claw to survive with scarce resources and with whatever feeble threads of humanity they have left. Some things remain the same, however - the need for entertainment. Once every four years, the largest tribes take part in a brutal tournament of 'Hackball' (called many different things by all the different tribes but for this sake, we'll go with the common name) in which the strongest of each group compete. This is where it gets interesting. While like soccer, where opposing teams try to score goals against each other, the thirst for bloodshed and mayhem mutated the game. In Hackball there are 11 warriors on a team and 4 hackers. The warriors try to score by any means necessary (there are usually casualties) while the hackers add an interesting element of tactics. Hacking the ball is one of the most revered spectacles of the game as it most often results in a large explosion and gruesome injuries.