GGAC - Misfits
Carlo spagnola thegang
Carlo spagnola xiang

Xiang will sell pretty much anything - for the right price that is. He has a certain penchant for Roman goods, and proudly displays his newly acquired gladius at all times.

Carlo spagnola zhang wei

Wei is a jolly old fellow who could care less about what people say about him (he never married after all) and can usually be found on the water catching fish with his stalwart cormorant Jí. He paid a hefty price for him from Xiang

Carlo spagnola shayu

Shāyú (a self given name, no one really cared to ask her real name) is a tenacious savant. When she was told she couldn't be a scholar due to her birth class, not only did she ignore it, but she promptly fitted a bucket of chum to the King Scholar's head

Carlo spagnola merc

Jian, a somewhat mysterious mercenary, has an unwavering loyalty to whomever has the largest purse. Rumor has it he once switched sides in the middle of battle even.

Carlo spagnola carlo ggac merchant wip
Carlo spagnola zhang wei
Carlo spagnola scholar
Carlo spagnola merc

The submission I've been working on for the GGAC which can be viewed here as well:
This was a bit of a challenge for me, it was good to get out of the comfort zone for a bit.